Reasons to choose refurbished


Reasons to choose refurbished


Refurbished: a term which is being used more often. What does it really mean? In reality refurbished parts are used elements which have been cleaned, repaired and having been comprehensively checked are brought back onto the market. The parts are as good as new again; sometimes even better than new! If a part is a number of years old, defects sometimes occur. At JC-Electronics we are up to date with these type of defects and can deal with them. We replace the parts with improved elements giving the product a longer life.

Sustainable solutions

The use of machines and electronics is not immediately recognised as sustainable. Which is logical, given that their usage is not necessarily the best thing for the environment. Are you actively interested in sustainability? Then use refurbished parts. By giving parts a second life we are contributing to a circular economy.

High quality parts

There are many reasons why companies do not need old machines and parts anymore. Sometimes they simply purchase new equipment because everything is outdated or is surplus to current requirements. We take over these products from companies and fully refurbish them. As a preventative action, we renew wear-sensitive parts and complete clean the entire system. We test all elements to ensure it can be fully reused and bring the product back onto the market. Each product comes with a 12 month warranty.

What has worked before can work again

In the world of industrial automation, technology moves fast and elements are quickly outdated. This reduces service availability on existing systems, which is where the power of refurbished parts lies. What has worked before can work again! JC-Electronics makes sure of it.

Ask for advice

Unsure whether to go for refurbished? Our specialists are ready and waiting to help you with your decision. With our expert product knowledge, we can always help you find the correct solution to fit your company.