Your speedy solution to machine downtime
Your speedy solution to machine downtime


Your speedy solution to machine downtime


It is every employer’s or maintenance engineer’s nightmare when there is a technical problem which leads to the production line coming to a standstill. And a complete disaster when you hear that the replacement part you need is no longer being manufactured. That is where JC-Electronics can throw you a lifeline.

In the world of industrial electronics new technologies are developed to replace old at breakneck speed. Parts become quickly out dated and scarce. Even the original manufacturer cannot help with the availability of replacement parts in the case of a production line breaking down. This results in investment in new electronics and the rebuilding of entire production lines.

This financial investment is often unwanted, often coming at an inconvenient time and being extremely time consuming. What is certain is that a production line grinding to a halt has enormous consequences  for your business.

In order to avoid unnecessary expensive investment and to keep your spare parts inventory up to date, it is good to know that JC-Electronics is standing at the ready. We believe that what has worked before can work again.

Fast delivery...with guarantee

Our huge supply of ready to send industrial electronics is central to the service we offer our clients. Our stock consists of over 350,000 items from more than 300 different brands. Products such as PLCs, HMIs, Drives, Servo and CNC equipment, IPCs and PGs which are often unavailable via regular channels are ready to send from our stock.

When we receive an order by 4pm and the specific article is ready to send, we will dispatch the item on the same day. For speed cases we can send replacement items to you by courier and have your production line up and running within a few hours.

In addition to our speed of service you can rely on the fact that every item comes with a full 12 month JC-Electronics guarantee.

Unique technical knowledge

When you have received your replacement part, send your defective item to JC-Electronics. Our technical specialists have extensive R&D facilities with which they can repair every electronic item and thus offer used electronics a second life. They investigate the cause of the problem, overhaul the component and perform extensive tests.

When the refurbished item has passed our strict quality controls, the item is added to our inventory, so that we can continue to supply outdated electronics from stock - complete with guarantee. In this way, the electronics remain available for use in production processes and we, together with you, prevent unnecessary investment as well as capital and material destruction.

JC-Electronics, your partner in industrial elektronics

Save time and money

Our service has been designed to  prevent unnecessary investments, offers fast technical solution and prevents destruction of your own capital, whilst contributing to a circular economy.

Downtime on a production line should not last for days. Contact us today to discuss how we can prevent your nightmare.