Eight BBL students pass MBO diploma
Eight BBL students pass MBO diploma


Eight BBL students pass MBO diploma


The BBL company school at JC-Electronics has produced eight successful graduates. On Wednesday evening, 5th July, they received their diplomas at the company offices. Three of them were MBO level 3 and five were MBO level 4. They received the proof of their success from Mr Wietze Lap, BPV Coordinator at Friese Poort. In addition, Director Jannes Cruiming handed permanent contracts to the three successful Level 3 graduates. The five Level 4 graduates had already received theirs.

Festive atmosphere

JC-Electronics provided a festive feel to the evening. Friends and family of the graduates were invited. After the ceremony the graduates gave a guided tour and explained their  graduation project. An informal get together brought the evening to a close.

Solution to a difficult job market

JC-Electronics is growing and always looking for new colleagues. This has not always been simple. The company has found the answer though. In collaboration with ROC Friese Poort it has established its own company school where students receive an MBO training specifically tailored to the company. They follow the so-called vocational guidance route (BBL). Says Cruiming “With the graduation of a number of people we have places for new students. In addition we also have space for people with a completed electrical education. Applications are always welcome!”

Thirteen individual practical trainers

In total, 24 BBL students work four and a half days 'normal' per week at JC-Electronics in Leek. “ We are proud that thirteen individual practical trainers work on a daily basis with and supervise the students. These are colleagues who have been professionally trained. Skilled people who perform their work with commitment and dedication’, says Cruiming. In addition, JC-Electronics is an SBB Certified Teaching Company

Lessons in Leek

Every Wednesday afternoon and evening the BBL students have the theoretical element of their education. The beauty is that they don’t need to travel to a different building. Their teachers from ROC Friese Poort come to Leek. Students receive tuition in subjects including Dutch, English, maths and technical theory.