JC-Electronics makes Shot Clock for OWK
JC-Electronics makes Shot Clock for OWK


JC-Electronics makes Shot Clock for OWK


On Wednesday 25th October the korfbal club OWK in Oosterwold received two shot clocks from JC-Electronics in Leek. Director Jannes Cruiming presented the two clocks to Jannine Roffel from OWK. Rik Willems had developed and produced the shot clocks himself. He is one of the students at the JC-Electronics company school.

Jannes Cruiming explains that the request from OWK directly sparked an idea. He saw immediately that there was an educational opportunity. “We are always looking for challenging assignments for the company school students. And this was perfect. Rik delivered a fine piece of work. It was great to see that he was completely in his element. It was also really nice that we could help a club like OWK.

So cool

Jannine Roffel explained why the OWK korfbal club needed the shot clocks. “Our first team is playing this season in the transition class of the korfbal league. It is the intention to keep the game moving constantly and therefore the attacking side has only 25 seconds to shoot the ball in the direction of the korf (basket). They must score or at least touch the korf. To monitor that time the judges use a shot clock. We discovered that JC-Electronics were prepared to make two shot clocks for us for free. And we are so happy with them. They have turned out to be so cool!

Self written software

Since 2016 Rik Willems has been following a BBL education via ROC Friese Poort at the JC-Electronics company school. In just over a year he has retrained from being an air duct engineer to becoming a trained electrical engineer. Rik was keen to get to work on the shot clocks. "Between the two companies I had about a month to work on the clocks. For the control I used existing Arduino electronics. These electronics offer quite a lot of possibilities and are relatively simple to apply. The Arduino parts weren’t  applicable for some elements of the design so I needed to develop specific software. After the necessary research I wrote it myself. That was challenging, but I learnt a lot from doing it. And in any case, the clocks work perfectly!” he concludes proudly.