JC-Electronics offers opportunities to longterm jobseekers
JC-Electronics offers opportunities to longterm jobseekers


JC-Electronics offers opportunities to longterm jobseekers


Yesterday the company school bearing the official name of JC-Academy opened. Its main objective is to provide people with poor job prospects an in-house education to become skilled employees. This has been developed in conjunction with DOK4 who facilitate companies in providing their own company training and coordinate the supply and demand of potential employees. The JC-Academy is one of five new company schools which have been established under the “Kansrijke Leerweg” banner with a subsidy from the Groningen province.

Design Development Process

JC-Electronics has spent the last year establishing this company school and offers students the opportunity of company training combined with practical supervision. Participants are thereby introduced to technical professions and can obtain basic qualifications and an entrance level diploma for MBO. The MBO programme can then also be followed at JC-Electronics via the regular vocational guidance course (bbl). This trajectory is run in conjunction with ROC Friese Poort.

JC-Academy trains fifty potential employees per year

The expectation is that each year around 50 future employees will be trained at the company school. These people are mostly unemployed and are tested by DOK4 to assess their skills and a profile compiled to show their  potential. 'If it turns out that working with electronics is appropriate, they are placed within the JC-Academy and begin their practical study,' says Cor Mulder, training coordinator at JC-Electronics. 'They first learn the basic skills, such as soldering and replacing standard parts in electronics. If after two months it appears that the work is suitable for them and they are achieving the required standard, the work becomes more complex and varied, and theory is also introduced.

'You notice that the people in training really develop. They regain perspective and learn new skills, which takes some getting used to if you have been at home for a long time or come from another sector, but in the end it is only positive', tells Cor Mulder.

Kansrijke Leerweg - Promising fast track learning

The JC-Academy  is one of five company schools which fall under the Kansrijke Leerweg project. Together with four other Groningen employers we have developed the initiative to train people to become skilled technical specialists. The demand for this is increasing and supply is decreasing. During the opening deputy Patrick Brouns commented “I really appreciate that the business community has taken the initiative in identifying these key requirements. The training of Technical Specialists will result in the delivery of specific work opportunities and employers can continue to grow without difficulties in finding personnel.”

Subsidy from the Spatial Economic Program Zuiderzeelijn

The complete costs for the Kansrijke Leerweg project total approximately 4 million euro. The Regional Executive has provided a subsidy for the project with two million euros from the Zuiderzeelijn Spatial Economic Program (REP-ZZL), under the banner of Groningen@Work, the regional programme Economy and Labour Market 2016-2019.

Official opening

Even though the company school began last summer, yesterday the JC-Academy was officially opened by its initiators with the unveiling of the logos of JC-Academy and DOK4. The subject of Corporate Social Responsibility is high on the agenda at JC-Electronics and JC-Electronics is happy to bring this initiative to fruition.