Can I give my product to be exchanged to the delivery person?
No, within 30 days you must send the product to be exchanged to JC-Electronics (with RMA document).
Can I return my exchange in the same box?
Yes, especially in the context of the circular economy we welcome that! Just make sure the product is properly packaged and has an RMA document
Can I exchange my defective industrial electronics for a new one?
No, exchanges are only possible for refurbished products.
Why exchange when you can repair my product?
Exchange is much faster (if in stock, shipped next business day). The old/defective product can then be sent to JC-Electronics as a trade-in.
Is it more economical to buy a replacement (refurbished) product and turn in the old one?
Yes, you will pay the exchange price and it will be lower than the refurbished product with the discount processed.
Will I get a new or refurbished product back for my exchange?
With an exchange, you will always receive a refurbished product with a 2-year warranty.
What do you do with my old product?
All old industrial electronics are refurbished and reintroduced to the market.
How many years of warranty do you offer on exchanged products?
That is, as with refurbished products, 2 years.
Will my exchange always be accepted?
Yes, if repairable. If not, the difference between refurbished price and exchange price will be charged and collected.
What is the deadline for me to send in my exchange?
Within 30 days you must send the product to be exchanged to JC-Electronics.
What steps do I need to follow to exchange my product?
To exchange a product, contact Customer Service.
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