Proud JC-Electronics opens its doors to the public
Proud JC-Electronics opens its doors to the public


Proud JC-Electronics opens its doors to the public


On Saturday 13th May, Mayors Kosmeijer from Marum and Hoekstra of Leek declared our new building in Zernikelaan in Leek officially open. At approximately 10.30 am a large banner with the text “OPEN” unfurled down the building, after which JC-Electronics opened its doors for around 1,000 interested spectators. They were given a guided tour around the business.

Directors Jannes Cruiming and Gerben Karje are visibly pleased. “Our company has grown substantially over the past few years. We began just over ten years ago with the two of us in an attic in Marum. Subsequently, on the Poortweg in Marum, we expanded to a company with around 150 employees. And now here we are in this lovely building in Leek” says Cruiming. Katje adds “We have expanded the building in Marum over the years. But we have continued to grow as a business. Finally this place caught our eye. After a serious renovation in April we moved in record time from Marum to Leek.

Continued Growth

The motto of JC-Electronics is “What has worked once, can work again! And what has proved itself initially doesn’t necessarily have to be renewed.” On this basis JC-Electronics has expanded to become a globally operating purchasing and sales operation for industrial electronics. In Leek, the company has created the space needed to continue growing. We have 65,000 cubic meters of warehouse space available for our stock. And that forms the basis of our success,” says Katje. Cruiming highlights additional advantages “Here our employees have more space to do their work. Plus, this space reflects our company  school better., which forms a great breeding ground for future employees. And we remain certain we will be needing new colleagues.


The opening of the  building by two mayors is symbolic. It represents the company move from Marum Council to Leek Council, one of which may be destroyed in the forthcoming municipal redivision when both Leek and Marum will become part of a newly created Westernkwartier.