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Looking to sell, buy, repair or refurbish industrial electronics? If so, then JC-Electronics is the place for you! We are a leading partner in the field of industrial electronics. JC-Electronics is dedicated, skilled and always in search of fast and effective solutions for customers. 


We have a large selection of industrial electronics in stock and ready for shipping. New and refurbished. These range from thirty years old to the latest technology. Everything has been tested, is of high quality, and is well priced. This enables us to help you keep your older systems and production lines in operation, without you having to invest in recent technology and make the changes associated with that process. In the event of an electronics malfunction or failure, a quick solution is in your best interest. We will take care of that too.


We can always find a use for your industrial electronics. Whether they are new, used or defected, we are always interested in taking them off your hands. Your electronics will be refurbished carefully with the environment in mind, and then used again in a production process. We will work towards realising a circular economy together.


We have performed every imaginable type of repair. From the most frustrating defects to the big, time-sensitive projects. Our skilled team of technicians can help you with any kind of repair.


Would you like to know more? Do you have any questions? If so, please contact us. We will be happy to help.

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