About JC-Electronics

A global player in industrial electronics

What we do and perform together at JC-Electronics is unique. From The Netherlands we have developed into a global player in the field of refurbished industrial electronics.

In fifteen years we have grown from 2 to 200 people. And our products have made their way to more than 100 countries. We are proud of what we achieve together.


We are curious about our customers, suppliers and products. We think along and delve into the question. In this way we offer a solution that serves your needs. That is why we keep up with developments in our field. What is new and how can we revise it in the future? We are also curious about fellow colleagues: how can we support and help each other?


Teamwork is the base of great achievements. We work hard and support each other. And we do that with a healthy dose of humor. In a good atmosphere: we get along well, are willing to help each other and give tips. You can always ask a co-worker. And that makes JC-Electronics special.


We are proud of what we do, how we do it and the goals we achieve together. We're proud that customers think we're delivering something new when we've refurbished it properly. We are proud of our people, whom we give the opportunity to develop and grow. We are also proud of the contribution we make to the environment. After all, refurbishing is much more sustainable than throwing it away.

Why and how we do it

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A PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) is an electronic device with a microprocessor that controls the outputs (drives).


An HMI (Human Machine Interface) is a control panel with a touch screen and a processor, memory and communication card.


A drive, also known as a frequency converter, is used to control the speed and rotational speed of an electric motor.

Industrial PC's

Industrial PCs (IPC) and Programmergeräten (PG) are computers and laptops used in industrial and automated environments.


JC-Electronics has developed replacements for replacing foils, covers and casings of HMIs, PLCs, drives and Industrial PC's.

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