About JC-Electronics
About JC-Electronics

About JC-Electronics

We are JC-Electronics: an international company in the field of industrial electronics. We make a contribution to the circular economy by refurbishing used or defective electronics for businesses and factories and providing service work for them. In this way, these electronics become available to the customer or the market again and can again be used in production processes. Through intensive collaboration with our customers and distributors, we prevent unnecessary investments and by extension, capital and material losses.

How it all began

JC-Electronics was founded in 2006 by Jannes Cruiming and Gerard Katje. The company started simply in an attic, but after a year, it moved to a larger building on an industrial property in Marum, with five more employees. In 2010, the company outgrew its location again and purchased the building next door. The business had 27 employees at that time. JC-Electronics continued to grow and in 2015 the company had to acquire more work space for 110 staff members. With further growth on the horizon, new premises in Leek were purchased in 2016, but due to renovations, the buildings were brought into use in 2017. Currently, more than 200 staff members in Leek serve national and international customers each day.

Our technical expertise

JC Electronics is always investing in people, technical knowledge and equipment. For this purpose, we now have highly trained employees who offer substantial technical services and continue to acquire knowledge in their field. They work with the latest technology, including BGA Reballing for chip repairs. Our technical service staff also analyses and optimises soldered connections by x-ray. Each year, more than 30,000 items pass through the hands of our technical engineers and only 4% of these were caused by defects that they were unable to repair. We refer to our technical staff as craftsmen with good reason!

Our experts

We have our own innovative Research & Development (R&D) department. In order to have the proper knowledge and service capabilities at their disposal, our team investigates the needs of the market and develops their own testing facilities and quality-assurance standards that meet the demands of customers and the market, including upcoming market developments. They develop and improve modules as well or they construct these on their own after certain parts are no longer available. That will prevent many common defects in the original products in the future. Our research and development engineers also screen and assess products that we have previously repaired. They develop standard solutions for complex problems. Furthermore, specific customer projects and the requested expertise are carried out in close collaboration with the customer/manufacturer.

Working sustainably

Sustainability or corporate social responsibility is a given for us. This leads to integrity, long-term relationships with customers, attention to the environment by the use of organic cleaning products and making staff members sustainably employable through education and development. The services we provide make a substantial contribution to our customers' sustainability goals:

  • accepting returns and replacing defective products;
  • giving defective products new life as refurbished articles by repairing them or dismantling them for parts.

Broad range of brands and products

In our modern-day disposable culture, JC-Electronics is trying to make a difference. We do this by providing a solution to a problem that many production businesses encounter. Technology that is often difficult to acquire and which the manufacturer no longer provides services for becomes defective and requires preventive maintenance or an update. That is where we are most advantageous for our customers. Of course, that means you, too! We are passionate, knowledgeable, skilled and consistent. We put these traits to use for a wide range of international brands and products that are used in a variety of industries. If we don’t have something in stock, then we’ll find it for you! Our experienced, multi-lingual purchasing specialists are always scouring the market to serve our customers.

Our service

Our exceptional service is just one of the many reasons why customers choose JC-Electronics. Our sales department contains native speakers of multiple languages, in order to respond to you in your own language. We speak Bulgarian, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, and Turkish. Our account managers do their absolute best to translate what you require into the most suitable solution. Experience our service for yourself.



Inventory wide selection from a large inventory of new and refurbished electronics.
Solution oriented an answer for every question, a sustainable solution for every problem.
Highest quality advanced testing systems and R&D protocols.
Affordable competitive prices and appealing dealer conditions.
Reliable each item is tested and covered by a warranty for at least 12 months.
Speed rapid response, repair and delivery.
Professional solid business organisation with well-trained staff.
International global network of partners and preferred suppliers.

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