JC-Electronics provides full support for the Indramat ANAX series
JC-Electronics provides full support for the Indramat ANAX series


JC-Electronics provides full support for the Indramat ANAX series


The high speed with which technologies succeed each other means that drives and servos are difficult to obtain over time. In addition to availability, technical knowledge about this type of electronics is also declining. This happens even to electronics which are vital to production processes. A good example of this is the Indramat ANAX series.

The ANAX-series

The Indramat ANAX, just like the Ecodrive and the Diax, is a collection of electronics that the manufacturer Bosch Rexroth has designated as a “Legacy Product”. This means that the items are no longer in production and therefore the factory support will also be reduced. Most products from the Legacy series and therefore expected to be phased out within a short space of time.

The ANAX series consists for the most part of industrial drives and motion controls that are mainly used in:

  • Machine tools
  • Machine presses
  • Printing presses
  • Packaging machines
  • Assembly lines


Since its foundation in 1958, Indramat has impressed with perhaps the best servo drives and motion controls seen in the industry. Unfortunately, the support for these products has an expiry date: products from the Legacy series are no longer produced. Although these parts are not yet irreplaceable, that day is getting closer. Because the electronics are no longer produced, these products are becoming increasingly difficult to obtain.

Indramat ANAX series

Our solution

As product availability and knowledge decreases, JC-Electronics offers a solution. We have an extensive stock with more than 350,000 electronics from all well-known manufacturers. In addition, we have the knowledge, skills and passion to refurbish your damaged or defective electronics with the quality that you have come to expect from us. We disassemble electronics, assess which parts are damaged and then extensively repair, clean and test your electronics. The electronics then function as good as new and come with a standard 12-month warranty. In this way we are able to offer support for your electronics for decades to come.

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For help and advice, please contact one of our account managers or download your Indramat brochure directly. Our employees are happy to help you with replacement Indramat electronics or plan maintenance and repairs of your electronics with you.

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Our complete Indramat range

In addition to the Indramat ANAX series, we also offer support for other Indramat electronics. In the overview below you will find our complete Indramat range. In addition to the Indramat brand, you have also come to the right place for other brands. A complete overview of supported manufacturers can be found here.