Mission, vision and identity
Mission, vision and identity

Mission, vision and identity

Our mission

We are JC-Electronics, a purchasing and sales organization trading in industrial electronics on a global level. Our services include providing items for use in production processes and other automated environments. In the world of industrial automation, new technologies are rolled out in quick succession, resulting in a reduction in service and availability of existing technologies. This is where JC-Electronics comes into play. If it has worked before, it can certainly work again! There is no need to buy something new, when you already have something reliable that does the trick! Which is why we offer knowledge, expertise and continuity, We do this through purchase, sale, repair, testing and many more high-quality services.

Our vision

JC-Electronics is committed to becoming recognized worldwide as the most reliable, knowledgeable and pleasant partner to work with. This translates to our "a deal is a deal" attitude, unique knowledge and great customer service. To achieve this objective, we continue to innovate and invest in technological solutions for the wide variety of electronics issues faced by the business market today.

We want our services, knowledge and expertise to be available locally, around the world. We strive to achieve a 100% customer satisfaction rating and we respect and appreciate every single one of our employees and partners.

Our identity

JC-Electronics treats each contact opportunity as another step forward towards a lasting relationship with our customers and partners. We impress our customers customers with our creative technological solutions and our innovative drive to rise to any challenge. Our efficient organization and personalised, pleasant communication play a part in this. Quality is key to all we do!

We welcome every opportunity that the market offers us and we actively anticipate what the next one will be. This is how we gather our unique knowledge, which we use to distinguish ourselves as the best partner for our customers, together with everyone else who is involved. We are determined to continue learning and to sharing our knowledge. We are confident in ourselves and in our business, ensuring constant growth for our company.