Does your drive have a defect or need maintenance? Drive technology often plays an essential part in automated processes. Drives are the “muscle” behind the operation and are often subject to intensive use. They also tend to be exposed to dirt, moisture and excessive heat. A defect related to a connected motor can also cause problems. Drives are sensitive to wear and additionally susceptible to defects. We are an expert in the field of drives. We can help you repair or refurbish your drive, but we also have a wide range of drives in our inventory.

Quality first

Are you having an issue with your drive? We can help! We have the expertise on hand for smaller and larger models — even those up to 500 kW. We are no strangers to the various types of drives available either, such as AC or DC, vector, motion, frequency inverter, Servo or CNC drives.

The average product lifetime of a drive is between 10 and 15 years. Defect causes include dirt, overheating, loose contacts or motors that lock up. We can get your drive ready for use again by testing, repairing, refurbishing it or even by supplying a comparable replacement drive. All components that are susceptible to wear are replaced with our standard service and the product will be thoroughly cleaned and tested.

This allows you to use the drive for many years to come avoiding high costs. We guarantee you quality, functionality and rapid delivery.  In order to realise this, we continuously invest in our staff members and testing equipment.

Drives in stock

Looking for a drive? We have a large selection of drives in stock. Search our inventory for the right drive.

Why choose JC-Electronics?

  • Quality and functionality are our highest priorities!
  • Fully equipped technical services with a highly trained, experienced team of drive specialists.
  • Experience with all brands and models.
  • Testing and repair reports come as standard.
  • Quick delivery times are our standard, but expedited service is also possible.
  • We refurbish products at a reduced repair rate, which prevents any stoppage.
  • 12 to 24-month warranty on repaired or provided drives.
  • No surprises after the fact, due to the fixed prices for standard repairs and a “no cure, no pay” guarantee.
  • Huge variety of drives in stock, with rapid delivery across the world.


Do you want to know more about our drives and options? If so, please contact us!