The human machine interface (HMI) is the link between an operator and an automated process. The HMI makes process information visible and enables operation of these processes. The HMI is a control product. Without the HMI, an operator is essentially “blind” and it is difficult or even impossible to direct a process.

HMI products are vulnerable. This is largely due to the frequent, intensive way that they are used. Other common causes of defect are elements such as moisture and dirt. The HMI is often clearly present on the work floor and not built into a protective cabinet. We test, repair and refurbish many kinds of HMIs and also have a large number of HMI types in stock.

From screens to control systems

Are you having a problem with your HMI? We can help! We are the experienced authority in know-how and quality internationally. Our range of HMIs and HMI-related products is vast and varies from simple screens to completely integrated control systems. These may have keyboards, touch screens, or a combination of the two. We also have the required spare parts, such as films, touch screens, membrane connectors and complete housing sets in stock. Your old and defective products will be brought back to full functionality and will look completely new. The software that you use will be reinstalled after repair.

HMI products in stock

Looking for an HMI? We have a large selection of HMI products in stock. Are we missing something you need?



If so, then we will find it for you, so that we can still be of help. Search our inventory for the right HMI.

Why choose JC-Electronics?

  • Quality and functionality are our highest priorities!
  • Fully equipped technical services with a highly trained, experienced team of HMI specialists.
  • Standard replacement of components susceptible to wear, films, touch screens, membranes and LCDs for most Siemens HMIs.
  • Depending on the type of HMI, replacement or new powder coating for the housing, so products look as good as new.
  • Experience with many brands and models.
  • Testing and repair reports come as standard.
  • Rapid delivery times are our standard, but expedited service is also possible.
  • We refurbish products at a reduced repair rate, which prevents any stoppage.
  • 12 to 24-month warranty on repaired or provided HMIs.
  • No surprises after the fact, due to the fixed prices for standard repairs and a “no cure, no pay” guarantee.
  • Huge variety of HMIs in stock, with rapid delivery across the world.

Do you want to know more about HMI products and your options? If so, please contact us! We will be happy to help.