JC-Electronics can always find a use for your industrial electronics. Whether they are new, used or defective, we are almost always interested in taking them off your hands. We will refurbish your electronics carefully and with the environment in mind, so that the original or improved product can be reused in the production process. We will work towards realizing a circular economy together. We are constantly expanding our inventory, so that we can offer our customers rapid delivery. This allows us to meet the current and future demand from our customers.

We purchase all types and brands of electronics

JC-Electronics purchases industrial electronics from across the globe. We use market knowledge to purchase in-demand products at opportune times. Sometimes this involves acquiring an entire production line, other times it simply means buying individual products. We are interested in nearly all types and brands of electronics. They can be new, used, or even defective and the year or production does not matter. We can meet with you on site and take your redundant stock as well. Anything is possible!

Find a use for your old electronics

Electronic devices can become unnecessary for a number of reasons, e.g. conversion, overstock, disassembly, or project surplus. We are happy to take the redundant electronics off your hands. This way, we provide you with appealing compensation for your unnecessary electronics and you make a contribution to the environment. We will refurbish the electronics and make them ready for sale again. We find a use for the electronics you no longer need.


Do you have electronics for sale?

Are you considering selling your electronics? Our experienced, multi-lingual buyers would be happy to discuss your options with you and make recommendations. There is no commitment, of course, associated with this conversation.


Simply contact us to discuss your options — no commitment required!