Defective electronics can lead to a great deal of frustration. Sometimes, there is no suitable replacement on the market or replacing the product is very expensive. Fortunately, repairing electronics is always an option. We have performed every imaginable type of repair, from the most frustrating defects to big, time-sensitive projects. Our skilled technicians perform more than 10.000 repairs for customers each year. This wealth of experiences enables us to successfully complete nearly every kind of repair.

What has worked before, can certainly work again!

Our technical engineers do everything they can to get your product back in operation as quickly as possible. In order to ensure that we are able to help perform the widest variety of repairs, our technical service department is superiorly equipped with the latest technologies and methods. Our technical engineers are also constantly being educated about these as well. These technicians are true all-rounders, but each staff member also has their own specialisation. This allows us to repair even the most complex defects. We work exclusively with the best of the best. To guarantee that these excellent collaborations continue into the future, we set up our business school with a regional education centre, where, students and new technical staff members receive customised training at the company.

Rapid repairs

We carefully perform your repairs, returning your part to you as soon as possible as time costs money!  Testing is a significant part of the repair process, to ensure we offer the highest quality, and all parts are covered by a 12 month warranty.

This is the only way that we can guarantee functionality. In order to assess whether a product can be operated again, we are expanding our testing facilities. If a product can be tested, then we consider it a standard product. In these cases, we can insure you for:

  • quick lead times for both standard, and express repairs;
  • preventive replacement of parts susceptible to wear;
  • complete cleaning; 
  • functional testing; if necessary, sturdiness and stress testing; 
  • complete testing and repair report; 
  • 12-month warranty period for the entire product; 24 month option available; 
  • fixed prices and a “no cure = no pay” policy, so no surprises;
  • free shipping and returns within the EU.

It can happen that we are unable to test a product for functionality. In this case, we consider it to be a non-standard product. Behind every repair request, there is a problem that costs money. Thanks to our experienced technical service department, we rarely have to decline a repair request. After all, electronics will always simply be electronics, even if it involves a non-standard product. This means that our professional technicians will also repair products that we do not know yet! In these cases, you can count on the following services:

  • after acceptance, a repair success rate of 98 per cent;
  • expedited repair upon consultation;
  • complete cleaning;
  • complete inspection and continuity testing;
  • repair report;
  • 12-month warranty period after positive on-site testing.


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