We have a large selection of industrial electronics ready for shipping. New and refurbished. These range from thirty years old to the latest technology. Investing in new technology is not always necessary. We would be happy to help you keep your old electronics in good condition. Are you or your customer experiencing a serious electronic malfunction at your business? Has a machine shut down and halted production? A quick solution is therefore in your best interest! Sometimes, it can be difficult to find the required part. We have a substantial inventory that often allows us to be of assistance in case of emergency, so your production can be up and running again in no time!

There is no need to buy something new, when you already have something reliable that does the trick!

In the world of industrial automation, new technologies are rolled out in rapid succession. Parts quickly become outdated and scarce. Many times, the original manufacturer is not even able to help any more. The result: declining availability of existing technologies and the professional services they need. This used to lead to investing in new electronics and changing entire production lines. That is no longer necessary: JC-Electronics is here for you! We not only provide the refurbished electronics, we also provide the full range of services for them. You can concentrate on your business, while we ensure that your electronics and systems continue operating sustainably.

Our inventory, the core of what we offer

Our large inventory of industrial products that are ready to ship forms the core of what we have to offer. It contains more than 350.000 electronics items, such as PLCs, HMIs, Drives, Servo and CNC equipment, IPCs and PGs, both new and refurbished, from the smallest modules to complete configurations. We have products that have not be readily available for years, the latest technologies, and everything else in between. Insight into the market, technical developments and the needs of the customer enable us to purchase strategically, so we rarely have to turn business away. If an item happens to be out of stock, we will search through our network of preferred suppliers for you.

Our products are always tested, of high quality, and well priced. This allows us to deliver quickly and accurately across the world almost all the time.

You can count on first-class, speedy service from us. This is why we provide a standard warranty of 12 months for all our products, with an optional extension up to 24 months.

Premium-quality service for industrial electronics

We provide premium-quality service for both current and older industrial electronics, quickly and for the lowest cost possible. We do this by investing in our staff constantly, developing new testing systems, and maintaining our knowledge of older technologies. We have a wide range of brands and products used in a variety of industries and we deliver to thousands of customers around the world. This means that your production can be up and running in no time. That means there are no unnecessary investments, production standstills or loss of capital gains.

A large inventory of industrial products that are ready to ship forms the core of what JC-Electronics has to offer.
A large inventory of industrial products that are ready to ship forms the core of what JC-Electronics has to offer.

Exchange service

Would you prefer to use our unique exchange service? You will surely benefit from the advantages more quickly than with a repair. You can benefit from purchasing a product paying less. We will make you an appealing trade for your old product. You may need to send us your defective product and in place of your old electronics, we will send you an identical, functional product right away. You may even receive it before you send your defective product. The standard warranty of 12 months with an optional extension of 24 months also applies for exchanges. Furthermore, we will find a use for your defective product. This means you are contributing to your own sustainability goals as well.

International network

Our main office is located in Leek, Netherlands. We speak your language and understand your traditions. Our sales department has native speakers of multiple languages. We speak: Bulgarian, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish.


Are you looking for the right sustainable partner to keep your industrial electronics running smoothly or repair them in the event of a malfunction?  If so, then JC-Electronics is the right place for you.