Siemens is discontinuing the Simatic ET 200S. What does that mean for you?

Is your production line running on the Simatic ET 200S? If so you need to be aware  Siemens is increasing the prices of these PLCs from October 2023. Production will be reduced to 0 step by step until 2030. Read how we can help you out. 

We keep ample stock of new ET 200S PLCs

We source electronics all over the world, including drives, HMIs and PLCs that are no longer made new. In recent months, we have focused on increasing our stock of Simatic ET 200S PLCs, so you can continue to buy them new and refurbished. 

Also available refurbished with 2-year warranty 

Our skilled technicians overhaul industrial electronics day in and day out. That way, we can continue to supply electronics like the Siemens ET 200S for years to come. Customers in 100 countries have benefited from our reliable refurbished electronics with the JCertified seal of approval and a 2-year warranty for years. Just like new electronics.  

The ET 200S will be succeeded by the ET 200SP 

Siemens already has the successor to the ET 200S ready to go. The ET 200SP should be able to be seamlessly integrated into existing production lines. Should that not succeed, or certification require the use of the old model, we are always at your service with our large stock.  

Phasing out ET 200S: this is our offer to you

  1. Siemens reduces production and increases prices ET 200S 

  2. JC-Electronics keeps sufficient stock thanks to our international network 

  3. Also available refurbished with 2-year warranty and quality mark 

  4. Successor (ET 200SP) available from stock