Sending products

If you wish to make use of the warranty, offer products for repair or send products back to us for any other reason, then you must use the RMA form.


If a product does not meet your expectations, you can make use of the warranty. Please contact us first so we can make arrangements for you.

If you want to return electronics, please use the RMA form.

Repair offer?

Then please contact us for a repair quote first.

If the quotation is approved, use the RMA form.

Return products

You can use this form to return products to us

1. Please complete the form and we will send you a return document by email with your details and a unique code.

2. Then send us the return document along with the products.

Frequently asked questions

How should I package and return a product to JC-Electronics? chevron
You need to pack the package transport proof and write/stick the address of JC-Electronics on the box. You will receive an RMA form after contacting Sales. You should send this form in the box.
What must a return meet? chevron
A product that is returned must be accompanied by clear documentation with completed RMA and problem description
What is the return policy of JC-Electronics? chevron
For the return policy, see our Terms and Conditions
How does the refund work after return? chevron
Within 5 days the returned product will be assessed. In case of a positive assessment, the credit will be transferred within 14 days. You will also receive a credit invoice.
When exchanging a product, can I return my old product at the same time? chevron
Yes, you have no more than 30 working days to return your exchange/defective product to JC-Electronics
How do I know if my return has been received and accepted? chevron
Once your product has been received, you will receive confirmation of acceptance by email.
I am not satisfied with the product. What to do now? chevron
Contact the Sales Department.
I have changed my mind and no longer want the product. Will I get my money back? chevron
Yes, if you notify us within the 14-day cooling-off period, you will receive your money back. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions.
Who pays the return costs? chevron
The return costs are paid by the shipping party (the customer).
What happens if my return is not accepted by JC-Electronics? chevron
If a return is not accepted by JC-Electronics, we will contact you to share our findings with you and determine the next steps together.
Do you have a return period? chevron
We apply a return period (cooling-off period) of 14 days.
How do I report a return product? chevron
You will receive an RMA form after contacting Sales. This form should be included in the box.
Can I return a refurbished product? chevron
Yes, you can return all purchased products
What do you judge my return on? chevron
A returned product is evaluated to see if it is in a repairable/repairable condition.
Will my return be picked up or do I have to ship it myself? chevron
A product that is returned must be shipped by the customer. The return costs are paid by the shipping party (the customer).
Who is responsible if a return is damaged? chevron
The responsibility of a return is on the shipping party (the customer).