Benefit from Cashback on industrial electronics

When industrial electronics break down, you need to replace it at a good price. That's why JC-Electronics has Cashback. So you save on budget, contribute directly to the circular economy and get refurbished electronics with the JCertified guarantee.


It works simply: you order refurbished industrial electronics in our webshop and you send us the faulty product within 4 weeks and we will send you a credit note.

You save money
with Cashback

You save smart because you get money for your defective electronics. In addition, you benefit from the cheaper rate on our refurbished electronics.

You contribute directly to the circular economy

Because you give broken electronics a second life, you reduce your ecological footprint and contribute directly to the circular economy.

You can rely on JCertified quality

JCertified is the new standard for refurbished industrial electronics. PLCs, HMIs, drives and industrial PCs with this quality mark always come with a 2-year warranty.

How Cashback works

Step 1: Ordering

You order a refurbished product in the webshop and choose cashback

Step 2: Sending

You receive the RMA document and send the defective product within 4 weeks.

Step 3: Delivery

You pay and we deliver your refurbished product.

Step 4: Credit note

We assess the defective product and send you a credit note

How much will you save with Cashback?

Frequently asked questions about about Cashback

With cashback, can I give my defective product to the delivery driver? chevron
No, within 4 weeks you must send the defective product to JC-Electronics yourself For that, we will send you an RMA document. Did you not receive a document? Request the RMA document online 
With cashback, can I return my defective product in the same box? chevron
Yes, in the context of the circular economy, we welcome that! Just make sure the defective product is properly packed and has an RMA document. Didn't receive an RMA document? Request it online.
Can I exchange my defective product for a new product with cashback? chevron
No, cashback is only possible when buying refurbished products. You always get a product with the JCertified quality mark and a 2-year warranty.
Why should I use cashback when you can repair my defective product? chevron
Repairing and cashback are good circular solutions. Just keep in mind that repairs take at least 12 weeks.
Is it cheaper to buy a replacement refurbished product and return the defective product? chevron
Yes, because with cashback you get money back for your faulty product. You also contribute to the circular economy.
Will I get a new or refurbished product back with cashback? chevron
With cashback, you always receive a refurbished product with a 2-year warranty that meets the requirements of the JCertified quality mark.
What will you do with my defective product? chevron
We first examine whether the defective product is repairable. Then it is refurbished and sold.
What warranty does JC-Electronics offer on products bought via cashback? chevron
You get a 2-year warranty on all refurbished products.
Is my defective product always accepted at cashback? chevron
Your faulty product will be accepted if it is repairable.
How long do I have to send my defective product? chevron
We aim to receive the defective product within 4 weeks.
Which steps do I have to follow to use cashback? chevron
You look for the product you need in the webshop. There, choose refurbished and tick the cashback option. You complete the order and we will make sure you receive the refurbished product. We will send you an RMA document to send with the faulty product.
What if I have not sent in my defective product after 4 weeks? chevron
Then we will no longer accept the faulty product as part of the cashback. You can then still offer it to our Purchase department. Please go to this page to do so.
Cashback only applies to purchase of refurbished products. Can I trust the quality? chevron
All our refurbished products are renewed according to the guidelines of the JCertified quality mark. Our highly qualified electricians have thoroughly cleaned the product, repaired defects, replaced weak components and thoroughly tested it. That is why you always get a 2-year warranty on our refurbished electronics.