Buy circular with confidence

If sustainability is also becoming increasingly important in your organisation, our refurbished industrial electronics are a no-brainer. Our circular approach is worth its weight in gold and - independently proven to be reliable.

Because, our entire process of purchasing, reconditioning, sales and after-sales meets the strict requirements of the RecQ certificate. The international hallmark for quality and circularity of refurbished electronics. 

De erkenning van RecQDe erkenning van RecQ

The recognition of RecQ

JC-Electronics is one of the first 2 companies in the industry worldwide with the RecQ certificate. Therefore, you can trust the quality and circularity of our refurbished electronics.

De kwaliteit van JCertifiedDe kwaliteit van JCertified

The quality of JCertified

Industrial electronics can last for years to come thanks to the power of JCertified. A strong seal for refurbished electronics that stands for quality, sustainability, circularity and 2-year warranty.

What once worked, can work again 

Bespaar op grondstoffenBespaar op grondstoffen


All used industrial parts still have some use. We make sure to make the most out of them.

Bied gebruikte elektronica aanBied gebruikte elektronica aan


We have a warehouse full of parts as good as new. This means you can be up and running in no time.

Bespaar geld Bespaar geld


Why pay extra for a new part, when a sustainable solution can do the same for a better price?

Bespaar geld Bespaar geld

Independently certified

RecQ certificate awarded for the entire process of purchasing, revision, sales and after sales.

Altijd 2 jaar garantieAltijd 2 jaar garantie

Always 2 years warranty

New electronics in the market often have 1 year warranty. We always give 2 years on refurbished