The next level in refurbished electronics

We know how important it is that electronics do not stop working suddenly. And sometimes it's difficult to trust used industrial electronics. That is why JC-Electronics introduces the warranty seal: JCertified. A powerful warranty that stands for quality, durability, circularity and 2-year warranty.

Industrial electronics with the JCertified seal have been reconditioned according to the highest standards. Because we are sure of our quality, you always get a 2-year warranty on your purchase. Also on obsolete electronics.

Thoroughly cleaned

Weak components replaced


Tested, tested and tested

Always 2 years warranty

Refurbished to the highest standard

Electronics with the JCertified warranty seal are as good as new. Defects are repaired and weak components are preventively replaced by highly qualified, internally trained electricians. In addition, foils and housings of PLCs and HMIs are replaced as standard in most cases.

Trust the highest quality

JCertified is the new standard for refurbished industrial electronics. PLCs, HMIs and drives with this warranty seal will last for years. It is a sure choice for professionals in the industry that depend on obsolete electronics, which are no longer being produced or are difficult to obtain. This way, you can rely on the highest quality and make a sustainable contribution to the circular economy.

Extensive test procedure

We test as much as 99.9% of our products. It is the final stage of the process in which electronics are pre-tested, reconditioned and checked. Only when these steps have been successfully completed, we grant a 2-year warranty.