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MV400 LED ring light red clear Illuminant: LED 625 Nm; Lighting distance: 500 mm..3000 mm, for SIMATIC MV420 and MV440, suitable for lens protection enclosure: 6GF3440-8AC11-8AC12, -8AC13-8AC21; suitable for Lamp holder: 6GF3440-8CD01; 24 V power supply; Suitable for lamp cable: 6GF3440-8BC4, 6GF3440-8BD1; Dimensions: 142x 142x 43 mm (WxHxD), Degree of protection IP67
JC-Electronics is not an official authorized distributor for Siemens. The original manufacturer's warranty does not apply. Instead, we offer you a 2-year warranty according to our JCertified guidelines.


Product Questions (8)

What is and does a PLC do?
PLC is an abbreviation for Programmable Logic Controller. A PLC is an electronic device with a microprocessor that controls the outputs (drives) based on the information received through the HMI. In industry, machines are often controlled by PLCs, making
What does it cost to repair a PLC at JC-Electronics?
Repairing a PLC is different for each item and status of the product. Therefore the costs of the repair are also different. For a quote please contact our Customer Service.
On average, how long does it take to have a PLC repaired by JC-Electronics?
Having a PLC repaired takes 4 weeks at JC-Electronics momentarily. Emergency repairs to repair a PLC takes about 5-8 business days. For a quote, please contact our Customer Service Department.
How do you test a faulty PLC?
At JC-Electronics all functionalities of a PLC are 100% tested. This way we only deliver well tested, high quality products to our customers including a 2 year warranty.
How do I know that my PLC is defective?
A faulty PLC can be recognized when an LED light starts blinking, the running light is displayed, all LED or the SF light blinks (System Failure).
Can JC-Electronics update my PLC?
JC-Electronics can update every PLC with the latest operating system software. Please contact our Customer Service department for this.
What should I do if my PLC crashes?
If a PLC crashes, the best thing to do is to do an Operating System (OS) update.
How does JC-Electronics ensure the compatibility of a PLC?
We know which PLCs can exchange information with each other. In doing so, we use an item master chart that shows which predecessor/successor PLCs there are.
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