Siemens Micromaster Drives - 430 built-in class A fi
Have your defective electronics repaired and backed up by a 2 year warranty
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MICROMASTER 430 built-in class A filter 380-480 V 3 AC +10/-10% 47-63 Hz square-law torque 45 kW overload 110% 60 s, 140% 3s 650x 275x 245 (HxWxD) degree of protection IP20 ambient temperature -10+40 °C without AOP/BOP
JC-Electronics is NOT an official authorized distributor for Siemens. The original manufacturer's warranty does not apply.


Product Questions (7)

What does drive repair cost at JC-Electronics? chevron
Repairing a drive is different for each item and status of the product. As a result, the cost of the repair is also different. For a quote please contact our Customer Service.
On average, how long does it take to have a drive repaired by JC-Electronics? chevron
Having a drive repaired currently takes 12 weeks at JC-Electronics. Emergency repair to fix a drive takes approximately 5-8 business days. For a quote, please contact our Customer Service Department.
What is and does a drive do? chevron
A drive, also called a variable speed drive, is used to control the speed of an electric motor. A variable speed drive allows you to control the speed (the speed) of the shaft of a motor.
Can JC-Electronics repair all types of drives? chevron
Yes, the technical specialists of JC-Electronics can test and repair all types of drives. Damaged parts of a drive can often be replaced and the drive will also be completely cleaned.
How do you test a defective drive? chevron
At JC-Electronics all functionalities of a drive are 100% tested. This way we only deliver well tested, high quality products to our customers including a 2 year warranty.
Can JC-Electronics customize and update my drive? chevron
JC-Electronics can update any drive with the latest operating system software. For this you can contact our Customer Service.
How does JC-Electronics ensure the compatibility of a drive? chevron
We know which drives can exchange information with each other. In doing so, we use an item master map that shows which predecessor/successor drives there are of each drive.
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