Machines at a standstill?


Machines at a standstill?


Machines coming to a standstill is a true nightmare for any company. A stationary machine wastes time and can cause (part of) production to halt. A problem which has to be quickly resolved as it can cost a lot of money. But how do you prepare for this situation?

Reserve stock

A stock of spare parts is essential to avoid machine downtime. Should a part break then the amount of time a machine is at a standstill is minimalized as you are able to immediately replace the damaged part. Uncertain as to which parts you should have in stock? The specialists from JC-Electronics can provide you with insight.

Make a maintenance plan

Regular maintenance  ensures that there are less disruptions and greater safety on the workfloor. Machines perform better and longer with regular maintenance, saving you money in the long term. Make a maintenance plan for each machine and hang a maintenance card with the most important points in a visible place. In this way you will have a constant reminder of the ongoing maintenance requirements of the machines.

Maintenance tips from our specialists

Machines and their parts require regular maintenance. A few tips from our specialists:

  • Regularly check parts for dirt and dust : dirt and dust can cause damage in the long term.
  • Listen to the machine, do you hear unusual sounds? Then do a thorough check!

In case of emergency

If your machines have come to a standstill you can always call JC-Electronics. We repair broken parts, offer a rush service and have many replacement parts in our general stock. We work under the motto “What has worked before, can work again.” Would you like to know more about JC Electronics? Feel free to contact us.